Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NYC Art Show @ Pier 92 and 94

After the International Art Show at Piers 92 and 94 in NYC, my mind is a whirl (probably before the trip for other reasons). So much to see and absorb. I felt my senses were satiated by day's end when I tasted tears strolling down my face. Felt this was an opportunity of a lifetime and took advantage of every moment.

A documentary photograph for Time by Jodi Bieber was breathtaking. Shows an Afghan woman who had been mutilated by the Taliban for trying to leave her abusive husband. They held her down and hacked off her nose and ears. Her name is Bibi Aisha and she has since come to the United States for reconstructive surgery. Bieber's powerful photograph illuminated this young woman's inner strength, inner beauty and power.

In the process of my trying to capture Bieber's photograph for my journal, a young African-American woman stood in the frame. Her silhouette of a strong, confident young woman is super-imposed on Jodi Bieber's original photograph ~ no words to describe the impact of that serendipitous juxtaposition.


Corniche said...

I do recall the young woman on the cover of Time. The surgery has been completed and she is lovely. She didn’t like her old husband or his brutal family – they did this and then left her bleeding to die by the roadside. What an amazing story.

The art exhibit sounds wonderful!!! “Gothic images, morbidity and decomposition” I must say I am greatly offended by the new “art” of sliced up animals in formaldehyde. These things are selling for near a million dollars and will literally be gone (the tissue will dissolve) in a decade or so. One can buy an original medieval fresco for what those things are selling for. I, along with a couple of cranky critics, do not consider these installations “art.” But give people enough money and insecurity and it’s amazing what can happen! ~ HS, Gardiner ME

Corniche said...

I think we need to see and hear what goes on in the rest of the universe. I am so happy that the social media has pushed the youth to revolt and hopefully find a better place in the world by doing so. ~ JA, Gardiner ME